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Lentor Next Two New Launches : Lentoria and Lentor Mansion

Lentor Next Two New Launches : Lentoria and Lentor Mansion

As I highlighted in my article on 28th July 2023, Lentor Area : How Many GLS Sites Are There, there were two more sites that were won during the GLS sales but their names were not known. 

The two sites' names were not known in July
The two sites' names were not known in July

Lentor Estate continues its rapid development

Regardless of which site, they are all in the same Lentor Estate development area of Singapore, right next to Lentor MRT station.

They are all encircling the Lentor Hillock Park, with all selling their location as being close to Lentor MRT station as well as close to Upper Thomson, Ang Mo Kio and Yio Chu Kang road. Shopping malls like AMK Hub, Bishan Junction 8 and Thomson Shopping Centre are all nearby too for good food and happy shopping.

They are also selling that the properties are near to good educational institutions such as Anderson Primary School, Presbyterian High School, Mayflower Primary School and definitely the famous CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School. 

Besides Lentor MRT station (and the Thomson-East Coast Line serving it), these Lentor sites are all also close to CTE Central expressway as well as the upcoming (never ending but still being built) North-South Corridor. The Seletar Expressway serving the Seletar Aerospace Park is also a drive away.

Lentoria is a short walk to Lentor MRT too
But everyone is a short walk to Lentor MRT too

And yes healthy nature walks at Thomson Nature Park and the fantastic park connectors to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park etc are also part of the fun of living at Lentor Estate too.

The fever at Lentor area was kicked off by Lentor Modern which did very well (nearly 100% sold). Lentor Hills Residences followed that and then recently Hillock Green did its launch too.

But end of the day, these are the same selling points that all condos in the area have.

So we are down to these 2 sites as well as the one which was closed on 12th Sep at Lentor Central too (whose name is not known).

Names of the two sites are now known

But now in Nov 2023, we do know the names of the two sites are Lentoria condo and Lentor Mansion 😀

Lentoria and Lentor Mansion are the two sites
Lentoria and Lentor Mansion are the two sites at the bottom of the diagram

Let's talk about both of them and what we know are the selling agents' approach to these two properties.

Lentoria at Lentor Hills Road

Lentoria at Lentor Hills Road was won by tender by TID Residential Pte Ltd, securing the site with a bid of $276,360,000. It is a strong joint venture between Hong Leong Holdings, part of Hong Leong group and Mitsui Fudosan. 

This site, Lentor Hills Road (Parcel B), is right across Lentor Hills Road (Parcel A), which later became Lentor Hills Residences. And the developer for Lentor Hills Residences is also TID Residential. TID Residential is the king of Lentor Hills Road. As at today, Lentor Hills Residences is 72.41% sold.

Lentoria is a 3 towers of 267 unit development with

1BR (23 units) – 50m2
2BR (120 units) – 65m2 to 68m2
3BR (70 units) – 85m2 to 104m2
4BR (54 units) – 112m2 to 125m2

So Lentoria is kind of the little kid around as it has the smallest site area at 10,819 sqm as well as being the one slightlyfurthest away from Lentor Hillock Park. The rest are surrounding the park while our dear Lentoria is located slightly further away, alone, at this Lentor Hills Estate.

Interestingly, this "further away" allows the agents selling Lentoria to say

- All blocks in Lentoria are within 1 km to CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School and Anderson Primary School
- Rare New Non-PPVC Development with more liveable space, as home owners can customise the home interior easie

So furthest is better as it means that they are confidently sell Lentoria as being definitely 1km to CHIJ St Nicholas Girls and Anderson Primary. 

Equally interesting is the selling of Lentoria as not a PPVC development.

PPVC or Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction is a method of constructing the HDB flats and private condominium. 

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) is a construction method whereby free-standing 3-dimensional modules are completed with internal finishes, fixtures and fittings in an off-site fabrication facility, before it is delivered and installed on-site.

In other words, the Lego method of construction 😄

Now Lentoria is being sold as NON-PPVC development. That means it is NOT being constructed by PPVC method. Why this selling point ? We will discuss it in next article.

Lentoria Showflat has already opened and the booking day is 2nd March 2024. Apparently there is a $30,000 discount on launch day 😄

Lentor Mansion at Lentor Gardens

The other site that was sold at Lentor Gardens is now marketed as Lentor Mansion. It has a site area of 21,866.7 sqm and was won by GuccoLand and Intrepid Investments. They were also responsible for Lentor Hills Residences. 

Everyone is one big happy family at Lentor Estate 😺

Lentor Mansion is a 533 unit development with 2 Bedrooms to 4 Bedrooms. 

For Lentor Mansion, the sales pitch is "You Only Pay for What Your Foot Steps on".

This is because Lentor Mansion is the first condo to be impacted by the GFA Harmonisation changes by URA. These changes will affect the new floor plan of Lentor Mansion and supposedly giving an advantage to the buyers.

The key changes are:

a. All agencies’ floor areas will be measured to the middle of the wall.
b. All strata areas will be included as GFA.
c. All voids will be excluded from strata area.
d. BCA and SCDF will adopt an aligned definition for SGFA computation.

These all have an impact on Lentor Mansion and are marketed as positive changes to the development. Again, we need to spend time to understand why is that so. Talk to your property agent to find out 😏

Lentor Mansion preview starts on 1st March and its booking day is 16th March. The starting prices are pretty attractive too !

Lentor Mansion Starting Prices announced on 27th Feb 2024
Lentor Mansion Starting Prices announced on 27th Feb 2024


With so many new launches at the Lentor area, there will definitely be a need to "differentiate" themselves.

They are all so close to each other and everyone can boast of the same things (MRT station nearby, good food at Thomson, nice morning walks in the park).... Else every condo is a good condo and there is no way to convince buyers of why they should buy a unit at condo A instead of condo B or condo C. And the earlier releases are all not fully sold at this point too.

Hence it is interesting to see Lentoria and Lentor Mansion trying their best to showcase their differences in very unique (and updated) ways.

Good to see that !

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