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32 Gilstead : Freehold Large Format Condo in Newton

32 Gilstead is a Freehold Condo with just 14 large format units of 4,000 sqf each. The condo is also 1 km to top primary schools
32 Gilstead : Freehold Large Format Condo in Newton
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Are you looking for a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling cityscape? 32 Gilstead, one of the exclusive new projects launched in the Core Central Region, offers just that.

With only 14 units available in this freehold condominium, residents can enjoy a sense of privacy and luxury amidst lush greenery. But that's not all - the strategic location in prime District 11 provides easy access to amenities, schools, and transportation.

Beautiful Large Living Room at 32 Gilstead
Beautiful Large Living Room at 32 Gilstead

Tranquil Living Environment

Plan your day ahead at 32 Gilstead's peaceful residential setting, surrounded by lush greenery and breathing in the serenity of a tranquil environment that only this luxurious condominium can offer. Here, you can unwind and recharge amidst the calming ambiance, truly a haven from the bustle of city life.

At 32 Gilstead, you have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in nature without leaving the comfort of your home. The carefully crafted landscaping creates a serene atmosphere, a perfect blend of urban living and natural retreat. Imagine waking up to the gentle rustle of leaves outside your window, and starting your day amidst the tranquility that pervades every corner of this development.

In this retreat-like setting, residents can find solace and serenity, fostering a strong sense of community. Each home is designed to provide a luxurious living space where you can relax, unwind, and connect with the natural world.

Exclusive Freehold Condominium

Experience the luxury of home ownership like never before at 32 Gilstead, where each of these 14 exclusive freehold condominium units offers a tranquil retreat designed for individual comfort and community bonding. With freehold ownership, you can create a lasting legacy for your family, guaranteeing long-term security and stability.

Upscale design sets 32 Gilstead apart from other developments, blending modern sophistication with timeless elegance. Each unit is meticulously crafted to offer ample space, featuring four bedrooms and a minimum of 4,000 square feet with six bathrooms, perfect for large families or individuals seeking spacious living.

Large area for a large dining table
Large area for a large dining table

Thoughtfully integrated with serene natural settings, the development secures a rejuvenating environment for residents.

Nestled in the heart of District 11, 32 Gilstead enjoys proximity to top schools, medical centers, and upscale shopping destinations. Luxury facilities include a rooftop pool, gym, and clubhouse, fostering a sense of community and convenience. As part of a select few, you can proudly own a piece of this exclusive freehold condominium, basking in the prestige that comes with it.

Strategic Location & Accessibility

Nestled in the prime District 11 neighborhood, between Newton and Novena, 32 Gilstead provides seamless access to top schools, medical centers, and upscale shopping destinations. Enjoy the utmost convenience with Newton MRT Station merely 500 meters away, offering hassle-free commutes to the Central Business District and other key points along the North-South Line.

The strategic location also guarantees you're close to numerous reputable schools, including St. Joseph's Institution Junior and Anglo-Chinese School (Junior). Do read about the rules governing the purchase of properties within 1 km of good schools.

Beyond proximity to daily necessities, 32 Gilstead's neighborhood is rich in local culture, entertainment, and natural beauty. Surrounding attractions include tranquil parks and green spaces that enhance the quality of life. The neighborhood's historical charm adds a unique character, with its colonial-era architecture blending seamlessly with modern influences.

In addition to these charms, public transportation is readily accessible, making it easy to explore the city's vibrant neighborhoods, nightlife, or simply get to work. The extensive transportation network ensures that every part of Singapore is within easy reach from 32 Gilstead, allowing you to make the most of urban living while still preserving the tranquility and comfort that define this exclusive freehold condominium.

Luxurious Unit Features & Facilities

Fifteen parking spaces complement the lavish amenities within 32 Gilstead, providing you with convenience and serenity in every aspect of your life. This freehold project at 32 Gilstead Road includes 14 units, each designed with modern aesthetics to enhance your living experience.

Stepping into your home, you'll be surrounded by top-notch amenities tailored to deliver ultimate comfort. From the clubhouse, where you can host social gatherings, to the fully equipped gym, you can maintain your fitness routine effortlessly. The library offers a peaceful retreat, and the playground ensures your children have plenty of space to grow.

The rooftop and reflective pools provide the perfect setting for relaxation, and you can entertain friends and family at the BBQ area. Twenty-four-hour security ensures your safety and peace of mind.

With such a wide range of amenities, 32 Gilstead presents a unique opportunity to combine luxury living with convenience in District 11's prestigious Novena neighborhood.

Educational Options & Schools

With several primary schools nearby, including Anglo-Chinese School (Primary), St. Joseph's Institution Junior, and CHIJ Primary School (Toa Payoh), 32 Gilstead provides ideal accessibility to quality education for residents with young families.

ACS Barker Road

These schools are known for their strong emphasis on academic excellence and offer a wide range of extracurricular activities that foster a holistic educational environment. Residents can rest confident that their children will have excellent opportunities to develop their interests and talents beyond the classroom.

Moreover, these schools have a strong reputation, which is closely tied to the active involvement of parents. The support of the community ensures that educational goals align with the values and aspirations of the residents, creating a more cohesive and supportive environment. This commitment to academic excellence and parental involvement sets the stage for a thriving community where students can grow and flourish.

Unique Selling Points & Advantages

In today's increasingly competitive market, a well-crafted unique selling proposition (USP) gives a brand its distinct identity, providing a compelling reason for customers to choose it over its competitors. For 32 Gilstead, this USP lies in its emphasis on green living and community engagement, setting it apart from other developments in the CC.

The luxury freehold condos at 32 Gilstead offer a tranquil and prestigious residence, fostering a sense of community through its carefully designed facilities. Residents can enjoy a rooftop pool, gym, library, and other amenities that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Additionally, the development's proximity to reputable schools such as St. Joseph's Institution Junior and Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) caters to the needs of families, further enhancing its unique appeal.

Developer & Architectural Details

Taking the exceptional value offered by 32 Gilstead into consideration, it's now important to examine the developers and architects behind this luxurious condominium, as their expertise and vision have shaped the architectural beauty and functionality that enhances your living experience.

32 Gilstead Bamboo Forest
32 Gilstead Bamboo Forest

Kheng Leong, the developer, is renowned for their commitment to delivering high-quality projects, and their collaboration with Ernesto Bedmar Architects has culminated in a design concept that seamlessly blends style and functionality. This unity can be witnessed in the well-appointed facilities and thoughtfully designed floor plans, all of which contribute to an enriching living environment.

Kheng Leong is known as a top developer of luxury condo
Kheng Leong is known as a top developer of luxury condo

As for the construction progress, the developer has ensured a high level of attention to detail, reflecting their dedication to creating a home that stands the test of time. Every aspect of the development has been meticulously planned to provide the utmost comfort and convenience for its residents.

Whether it's the private lift access, clubhouse, gymnasium, or other facilities, your residence at 32 Gilstead is meticulously crafted to elevate your lifestyle.

Available Units & Floor Plans

You can select from among five distinctly designed floor plans at 32 Gilstead, each offering ample living space ranging from 3,821 sqft to 4,219 sqft. This variety ensures you can find a layout tailored to your needs, providing ideal spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

The units are all 4-bedroom apartments, giving you ample room to configure your living areas to suit your lifestyle.

A typical 32 Gilstead Floor Plan

Given the customization options and generous floor plans, you can effectively create your dream home. With 32 Gilstead, you can design every aspect of your space to reflect your unique style and requirements.


You've stumbled upon a rare gem in 32 Gilstead, a luxurious freehold condominium offering a tranquil retreat in the heart of Singapore's prime District 11.

Enjoy unmatched privacy in one of the 14 exclusive units, each crafted with modern aesthetics and premium facilities to provide a lavish yet affordable lifestyle.

Perfectly positioned for easy access to top schools, transport hubs, and amenities, this exclusive development offers unbeatable value.

32 Gilstead

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